I'm Joanna, an artist who has worked with Eyebeam and Gray Area, and designer of both physical and digital,

5 Tips

Allyson Felix x Athleta

Gladly 25 Benchmarks

Ice Cream Identity


Timeline Poster


Wolff Olins Swag

Google Fiber Wallpaper

Wayfinding for Twitch

How to speak...

Custom Type for Adobe

Neck Plus Ultra

Knotted Type

The Blowhole Observatory

The Alphabet as one big knot

personal work

Customer Service Infographic

Shyp Estimator

Chevy Lab


Wyndown Hotel

Woodley and Associates

Summer of Love

Animated Logo

Rapt Shop

3D logo

Born Design

One Club Interstitial

Base Shop

HWZ Study Tour

Audio Visual Installation

How To Speak...

Interactive Zoetrope

Color Identifier

based somewhere between earth and the internet. linkedin, dribbble