Morley Vision

A tool for unexpected unidentifiable color circumstances in the physical world.
Morley Vision is named after a friend who is colorblind. The tool was developed with him and other color deficient people in mind as a user. Morley Vision is a small 2”x2”x0.25” card which you can carry around for unexpected color circumstances –such as identifying candy jars at work or the public transit map in a new city. The inside is comprised of an RGB sensor and an OLED screen to display results from the sensor.

This tool is meant for in-the-moment events, where the idea for this tool derived. We were playing bocce ball and it was hard for Morley to identify the difference between the red and green balls.
This can’t change the way people with color deficiency (or color blindness) see the world but it can help them navigate the nuances of life such as picking out clothing or playing a board game.

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