Question This!

For the 2017 San Francisco Design Week, I worked with Eight Inc. to conceive, design and produce an internal campaign, where we manifested the theme Question This literally. Working with the team lead, we surveyed our San Francisco office to generate different themes about design and its practice. Next we created 4 questions for each theme and published one question each week, crowdsourcing for the public’s answer.

The publication of this weekly question happened on both digital and physical platforms. For the digital question, we pushed it throughout the Eight Inc. social media channels. I also created a custom webpage within the Eight Inc. website where the public submitted their answers. For the physical platform, we used our 3-storey building facade as an announcement board. Using a monospaced type, I typeset each question onto the different windows so that the question was legible from far away and from close up.

On the day of our event, we pinned up all the answers that we gathered during the 4 week campaign. We invited the public to come to our studio for a discussion and happy hour about the questions and answers.