Shyp Estimator Tool

Shyp is relaunching their site in conjunction with a new product offering. For Shyp, I worked in collaboration with another UX apprentice, UX lead, Creative Director and Brand Strategist –assisting in marketing research and strategy, users’ (individual consumers to enterprise) research and strategy, & experience design for the specific users– including information architecture, wire framing the estimator tool and other pages of the website, prototyping interaction designs and designing the navigation.
User Experience Design work done at

Shyp was also a great learning opportunity about consumer behavior in an area which I am not familiar with and within an industry which was initially mysterious to me. Being able to work alongside the UX lead, Creative Director, and Strategist was an opportunity for me to understand their perspective of Shyp and how Shyp could stand out in an already crowded shipping industry.

Alternate Version for inputting dimensions & weight

Navigation and Product as "hook"

We decided to keep the navigation free of distraction with only one main CTA, while the user is scrolling. The footer acts as a subsidizing navigation when the user scrolls to the bottom. In an effort for Shyp to acquire a goal number of new users, the estimator tool acts as a hook for users to sign up.

Icon Explorations

In addition to the UX/UI work, I spent sometime iterating on a variation of shipping and packging symbolic icons. Some of the topics included, small business and enterprise shipping. Here, I've provide a few selected icons to demonstrate variations on the idea of packaging.

Shyp is one of the projects which I am most excited about. This is because I am proud of Shyp’s estimator tool. It was something I had initially started researching. Eventually the estimator tool became one of their feature resource product in helping Shyp launch their print at home labeling service, alongside a new website refresh. It was designed to be playful and for someone who isn’t tech savvy and wanted to find the best shipping options.

Additionally, it was fun to use typography in a bold way and help people understand sizes by using everyday object metaphors. The A/B testing done with shippers on the estimator tool was great feedback while we were still prototyping the experience of it. All in all, the experience of working with the team at Junior on Shyp was a great design experience and I am happy that shippers are able to continually use the estimator tool which we prototyped for them.