3d Mark for electric car startup

This is the 3D logo I worked on with the design team at Wolff Olins. A stealth electric car start up asked Wolff Olins to create a brand identity for them. I was part of a close knit team, composed of a senior designer and creative director, working on the brand identity for this electric car company. It was a very aesthetically formal project. I was able to apply industrial design skills to a branding identity project, which was creatively very exciting.
brand work done at Wolff Olins San Francisco

Over 4 months, I worked with my team iterating on the 3D logomark and helped put together other elements which composed of their brand identity. Though I was not part the conversation with the clients, it was a great experience to listen to what my team had to say and be directed by them.

For the 3D logomark, I translated intangible brand qualities into a visual representation, using material application and a fastidious awareness of form. I worked in parallel with my team designing the 3D form while they designed the 2D logo. Both 2D and 3D work informed each other —for example, any changes in the 2D logo would be reflected in the 3D logo and vice versa. We all shared ownership and creativity for this project. I think the work that came out of this project is very beautiful and elegant.